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Create simple to use, custom lists in Microsoft Teams for sharing with your organization.
Listy is a customizable list making tool that makes it easy to store, manage, and share lists of just about anything within Microsoft Teams.  It runs completely within the Microsoft Teams environment, making it readily accessible to you and your organization. ​
  • Create private lists just for you

  • Create public lists to share with your whole organization

  • Create lists for specific teams

  • Your lists can be customized to meet any need

Listy: Simple to use.

Customized columns

Add as many columns to your list as you need.


Flexible data types

Store text, dates, numbers, URLs, and more.


Manage Directly 

in Microsoft Teams.

Add lists to your team
Add a Listy tab to any team to make accessing and sharing your data quick and easy.
See all yours lists in one place
Open up the Listy app to see all your lists in one place:
  • Private Lists
  • Public (organization wide) Lists
  • Team Lists
Create and Manage Lists
Use the simple "Quick List" interface for making a basic list with text based columns. Or, use the "Advanced Setup" to specify custom column types, make columns required or optional, and easily re-order columns.
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