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Getting Started - a simple driver scenario

Assume we are a delivery company and we have a driver named John White. He needs to have a valid driver’s license and we want to be notified when his driver’s license is about to expire so we can remind him to renew it. Let’s set that up in DocHawk:

Adding the Driver Group

In the Personal App Tab, Click go to the on the “Certifications and Tracked Items” tab. Then click the “Click here to log in” button. Go through the log in process with the credential used for Teams.


Click the “View Groups” button in the top right of the tab content area.


A list of existing groups will be shown as well as an “Create New” button (in the top right). Click the “Create New” button.


Complete the form by naming the group “Driver” because this group will contain all certifications and other items all drivers will need (in our simple example, that will only be a driver’s license).


Adding the Driver Group

Once the Driver group is created click on “View Items” to go back to the Certifications and Tracked Items list. Here click on the “Create New” button to create a new item.


Complete the form by entering the following information:

  • Name: Driver’s License

  • Description: Government issued driver’s license

  • Expiration Interval: 4

  • Expiration Units: Year

  • Add the item to the “Driver” group using the “Groups” drop down


Click “Save” to finish adding the certification.


Adding the Driver

Now click on the “People and Resources” tab, then click on `Create New` to create a new resource.


On the next screen, pick the “Person” resource type (because John White is a person). Then, complete the form by adding in the driver’s name and selecting the group(s) he belongs to:

  • First Name: John

  • Last Name: White

  • Add the item to the “Driver” group using the “Groups” drop down


Click “Save” to finish adding John White.


 Adding John’s driver’s license

Perfect! Now we have the basic setup. The last thing we need is to add John’s actual driving license info so we can be notified once it expires.

On the “People and Resources” tab click on the newly created John White item. Then, on the detail screen select the “Add New” button and then the “Driver’s License” option.


Click “Save” to finish adding John’s Driver’s License.


 Adding John’s driver’s license

Now that you have some basic information in the system, you can view the dashboard to get a summary of what is there. You will see John’s name in the list of newly created “People and Resources”. Most importantly, you will see a list of all “Certifications and Tracked Items” that are about to expire.

This was the simple example but DocHawk can be used for many other types of certificates, licenses, and types of resources like persons, vehicles or items.

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